July 22nd, 2009
“Azadlig” newspaper employee Aynur Elgunesh has been allegedly threatened for her article “Our Press Today” published in the newspaper yesterday. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by A.Elgunash today, 22 July. The journalist said that she criticized the activity of several organizations in the article including “Gafgaz Media” Public Union where Azade Taleh Abbasgizi is the chairperson.

”Azade Talehgizi came to our editorial office to express objection. Then she called my mobile phone and insulted me using inappropriate language and threatening me with murder,” said A.Elgunesh adding that she will appeal to law-enforcement organs if the incident reoccurs.
“Gafgaz Media” Public Union Chairperson Azade Taleh Abbasgizi told IRFS that she visited “Azadlig” newspaper editorial office to express objection and called the journalist. “But I did not say anything to threaten her,” said A.T.Abbasgizi. “She says this to insure herself. Talking about insulting… Let her print out the text of our court speeches; then we’ll see who insulted whom.” Abbasgizi added that she is assured that the article was written at somebody’s order, and she will appeal to court regarding this.