Journalist Shirin Abbasov says he has received death threats


On November 19, Shirin Abbasov, a journalist cooperating with Meydan TV, said that he has been threatened by employees of the Main Organized Crime Department (MOCD).

According to the journalist, despite having served his prison sentence, official harassment is continuing.

“I just go to university and do not engage in other activity. But the MOCD and the MNS (Ministry of National Security) are threatening me with arrest and even death. The reason for this is my lawyer’s intention to apply to the European Court regarding my illegal arrest in September. They are also harassing my family, which has damaged my relationship with my relatives,” said Abbasov.



Background: Shirin Abbasov, a journalist cooperating with Meydan TV, was sentenced to a 30-day period of administrative imprisonment on September 17, on charges of resisting the police. His appeal against the decision was rejected on October 12. 

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