November 2nd, 2010
On November 2nd, the Court of Appeals heard the appeal of journalists Elchin Hasanov, Afgan Mukhtarli and Natig Adilov against the ruling of the Sabail District Court on the lawsuit previously filed against the Sabail District Police Department # 39. Judge Natig Abbasov presided over the hearing.

The attendees included plaintiff Elchin Hasanov, and defendant Rufat Alakberov.
During the hearing, a video was shown with footage of police assaulting the journalists – Hasanov, Mukhtarli and Adilov.
Hasanov said that he knew that the person who kicked him was a police officer, but he has failed to identify him.
Defense witness Rufet Alakberov said that police who physically assaulted the journalists are not employees of Sabail Distcrict Police Office Police Department # 39.
After deliberation, Judge Abbasov announced his decision to dismissl the lawsuit.
Hasanov said that they will file an appeal with the Supreme Court to challenge the decision.
The journalists were physically assaulted in front of the Sabail District Police Office Police Department #39 on May 10th, 2009. They were beaten by the police in front of the Police Department #39 while they were gathering information regarding the detention of a group of youth who protested against the celebration of “Flower Day” and the absence of any official mourning for the victimes of the armed attack at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.  The journalists filed an appeal against the decision issued in Sabail District Court on April 2nd, 2010 to dismiss their lawsuit.