April 12th, 2011
Yesterday, Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety employees Fargana Novruzova and Rasim Aliyev encountered police interference while carrying out their professional duties outside the Sabayil District Police Office. The journalists were filming the area, for a report on the detention of Azadlig newspaper political commentator Natig Adilov, who was being questioned in the police office.

Two police officers approached the journalists and took them into the police department. A man in civilian clothes inside the police office introduced himself as the police chief and told the journalists that it is not permitted to take photographs or videos of police building, unless they had obtained special dispensation from the press service. Both journalists were set free after they produced their press ID cards. Other media representatives, including Azadlig newspaper employee Elmin Hasanli, and Yeni Musavat employee Samir Kazimli were forced to leave the area.