March 11th, 2008
Media Rights Institute has prepared a draft law proposal "On Protection of Confidentiality of Journalist Sources."

The purpose of this law is to define the conditions, principles and regulations to protect the confidentiality of journalists’ sources. The organization studied laws of European countries and Belgium during the preparation of the draft law.  According to the draft law, journalists cannot be forced to reveal their correspondence, notes taken beforehand and the documents. This is possible only in the event that the required information is connected to a serious crime that creates fear for the integrity of one or more people. When a journalist agrees to the decision to reveal the source, authoritative bodies have to limit the scale of sources revealed and try to respect the confidentiality of the source.
 Media Rights Institute believes that this law is connected to the laws that regulate search-operation enactments, pursuit and investigation of crimes, civil justice trials and administrative processes.
It is not possible to encompass all of the legal norms to regulate journalists’ source protection in one law. That is why MRI suggests removing article 11 from the law on mass media and making some changes and amendments to the "Law on Mass Media", Criminal Code, "Administrative Investigation", Civil Procedural Code and "Law on Search Operation.” The Draft Law Proposal will be submitted to parliament at the end of March.