June 17th, 2010
On 17 June, in the office of the Center for the Defense of Military Personnel, the founders of “” military site conducted a press conference regarding problems on the site.

Founder Uzeyir Jafarli said that problems occur when trying to enter the site from Telephone Station #36 and that it is impossible to update the website because of this problem. Although they appealed to the providers and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, nothing was achieved. Uzeyir Jafarli said that there’s a possibility that official organizations used pressure against the provider to create problems.

Uzeyir Jafarli pointed out that the website has ceased its operation due to difficulties caused by access issues for the past several days and that the operation of the website was interfered with repeatedly in the past. He stressed that this problem is not technical, but setup at the order of a certain organ.

The website’s co-founder Yashar Jafarli emphasized that the problems of the website are related to the leadership of the Ministry of Defense.

Defense Ministry Press Service Deputy Chief Teymur Abdullayev told IRFS that the judgments of site founders are unfounded and they serve to advertise the website.

Ultel provider told IRFS that they don’t give information over the telephone. Although an information inquiry was sent to the leadership of the provider via email and fax, they did not respond to it. Also, Ultel provider stated that they did not enforce any restriction on the website.