October 19th, 2011
On 18 October, the  website went into operation,  created for a project of the Media Rights Center Public Union.  Its editor-in-chief, Matanat Aliyeva, reported to IRFS: 

“ will be an independent media portal that will give information on developments in Azerbaijan as well as in the world. The website will submit news, interviews, investigations, analysis, and articles, and will broadcast blog articles in the next future.The website will allocate space for not only well-known writers, but also for youth” said Aliyeva.


M.Aliyeva added that the media portal will operate by supporting not only the development of free speech and independent media, but also by supporting the development of new media skills for youth and facilitating the active participation of youths on social networking sites.

In addition, the website will try to meet needs of  readers submitting  ideas about the political, social and cultural life of the country.


The project is being financed by the NED organization.