Radio Liberty correspondent assaulted

On July 16th Radio Liberty correspondent Nushaba Fatullayeva was assaulted while investigating the incident where a group of plain-clothed persons had attacked the building of the Atakhan Iron Industry” LLC which is a joint enterprise of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

According to the Radio Liberty, the camera and mobile phone of the journalist were seized by a group of plain-clothed persons, and returned only after journalist’s appeal to the police. The journalist discovered that the memory stick of the camera had been removed.
Fatullayeva says that unknown persons seized and took away the equipment of the “Atakhan Iron Industry” LLC. According to Fatullayeva, she became subject to violence while filming the case.
Nazim Mammadov, one of the shareholders of the “Atakhan Iron Industry” LLC, reported to the Radio Liberty that the unidentified group has been attacking the company since July 14th: “The assailers wore plain clothes. They demanded the management to close down the company. They introduced themselves as the supporters of Baku Steel Company owner Rasim Mammadov”.
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