May 22nd, 2008

“It has been for three days already (21-22 May) that the sale of ‘Gundalik Baki,’ ‘Yeni Musavat’ and ‘Azadlig’ newspapers is banned in Barda.

The ban stems from the publication of an article about the beating of the Head of Barda Region Executive Power Ilham Agayev, and Ibrahim Agayev, the brother of the Presidential Administration department head Taryel Agayev, in a wedding party thrown by their own relatives.” This information was reported to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety by “Gundalik Baki” Chief Editor Adil Huseynli.
“Yeni Musavat” newspaper editor-in-chief Arif Raufoglu confirmed this news. “The newspapers have been sent to Barda for the last three days, but they remain in the kiosks,” said Arifoglu. “We don’t know what happens to the newspapers we send there.”