Search conducted in apartment of website director

 A police search was conducted in the apartment of the arrested editor of the pro-religion website Araz Guliyev, says quoting Araz’s brother Azer Guliyev.  


 “My mother, Araz’s wife, my wife and children got very frightened, when suddenly police arrived in our apartment. Our relatives came to our place, however the police did not let them in” said Azer Guliyev, adding that similar searches were conducted in the apartments of the religious followers Khalid Kazimov and RzaAgali, who were arrested together with Araz Guliyev.

According to September 21 report of the press service of the Interior Ministry, 1,975 kg opium, 2 grenades, and prohibited religious books and booklets were found and taken from the apartments of Araz Guliyev, Khalid Kazimov and Rza Agali during a search conducted by the Masalli Regional Police Office and Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

AzerGuliyev said that the grenades had been planted in the Guliyev’s apartment: “This was a fabricated search, they had planted everything themselves” said Guliyev.

According to official reports, Guliyev, Khalid Kazimov and Rza Agali were arrested on September 8th for disruption of Masalli Folklore 2012 international festival and injuring police officers. A criminal case under two articles of the Criminal Code (hooliganism and resistance to representatives of authority) has been launched by the Department on Investigation of Grave Crimes under the Prosecutor General’s Office.


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