“SES” NEWSPAPER, 20 June 2008, pg. 13:
It’s been revealed that Krishna Dodi Kramniki injured him.

To be prisoner of others interest, to attempt to realize their orders will always lead to bitter after-effects. In such a situation it is not possible to find a case where someone whose freedom has been taken from them is satisfied with their fate to the end. Within a concrete period of time, they are deprived of financial and moral support from the forces they rely on and become wrapped up in destruction. In connection with such cases, many examples can be taken from the tragic incidents faced by opposition leaders.

It has happened that a party’s chairman, while leaning on support from patrons that are abroad, acts aggressive and whatever they want and then finds themself in a miserable situation. During the run-up to the 1998 presidential elections, the leader of AMIP (Azerbaijan National Independence Party) Etibar Mammadov almost turned into the opposition’s “godfather.” However, disgraceful election defeat brought Etibar Mammadov to the level of opposition’s “tramp.” Musavat leader Isa Gambarov, APFP (i) leader Ali Karimov, OSP leader Rasul Guliyev and others faced the same fate after 2003 presidential elections. It is very interesting that the opposition leaders, who are in filth themselves, sacrifice press writers who are under their influence. “Azadlig” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ganimat Zahidov and “Gundalik Azerbaijan” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Eynulla Fatullayev encountered these kinds of shameful situations. To be exact, heeding to their masters’ instructions, these individuals occupy separatist positions and tied their destinies to prison life.

One might think that opposition parties and their newspaper writers would refrain from occupying abnormal positions. However, the divergent position of “Azadlig” newspaper (which is considered Ali Karimov’s propaganda machine) photo-journalist Agil Khalil and “Bizim Yol” newspaper editor-in-chief Baheddin Haziyev to journalists’ professional attitudes gives us grounds to say that these people have not been reformed. The clamor made by the chairman of the bogus organization the “Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety” Emin Huseynov might be an example for this. The issue which attracts our attention here is that Emin Huseynov differs from the “sobbing” journalists in certain ways. Rauf Arifoglu, E. Fatullayev, G. Zahid, A. Khalil and others violate the requirements of mass media on the order of the party leaders’ of whom they are under control, but E. Huseynov participates in foul processes in an incomprehensible way because he is under influence of missioner organizations.

It would be worthwhile to note that E. Huseynov joined a group of socialist revolution leader Che Guvera fans on 14 June and participated in an event in “Alaturka” Restaurant in violation of Azerbaijan’s laws. In the same meeting, E. Huseynov forged relations with European religious sects and expressed opinions about the importance of Che Guevera propaganda. E. Huseynov suggested establishing ties with the PKK if needed. However, Krishna Dodi Kramnikin didn’t like the idea of connecting ties with PKK. D. Kramnik accused E. Huseynov of turning his back on the principles accepted by the group for 3 or 5 manats.

According to our relevant information source, the argument the broke out between D.Kramnik and E.Huseynov turned into a fistfight. “Alaturka” restaurant leadership couldn’t stand the problem and was forced to appeal to law-enforcement organs. Policemen, who came to the restaurant where the incident took place, were able to calm the violent forces.  According to the unidentified person from law-enforcement organs, an investigation is being carried out into the incident. However, opposition press continues with their own traditions. According to fictitious articles in the newspapers, E. Huseynov, who is an active member of missionary organization, went to “Alaturka” Restaurant to allegedly cover the event as a journalist. The policemen injured him at this moment. This is a very ridiculous and illogical approach, because it doesn’t look convincing that the police would touch a regular citizen in Azerbaijan which is now a free, democratic and legal government. That is why there is no doubt that bad behavior stands behind this clamor of the opposition press.


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