February 27th, 2008
Press Secretary of "Azercell" Company Rufat Abbasov expressed an opinion to “Trend” News Agency” about the company’s failure to reply to a police inquiry about threatening phone calls made against "Gundelik Azerbaijan" newspaper editor Uzeyir Jafarov.

Abbasov said, "'Azercell protects the confidentiality of its customers in accordance with legislation. According to Azerbaijan’s legislation, the Procedural Criminal Code contract terms and regulations of 'Azercell', information about telephone subscribers is confidential and cannot be given to third parties with the exception of cases considered in the legislation. Jafarov may receive the information he requested from the company only after a court decision on this matter is adopted."
 In response to this, Uzeir Jafarov said, "Yesterday (26 February) I talked with Rufat Abbasov on the phone. Abbasov told me that they understand me, but they have to uphold confidentiality, and I would only be able to get the information I need after a court decision is adopted. I told him that there can be no talk about confidentiality here because I received hundreds of threatening calls. This is a threat to my life and that should be neutralized." Jafarov emphasized that as he said during yesterday's press conference, he will sue "Azercell" Company after he gets an official response from Police Department #5.
 Jafarov then added, "During my conversation with Rufat Abbasov yesterday he asked me to make a refutation about what I said during yesterday's press conference, stating that such actions harm the reputation of the company. They have mistaken me with someone."