Yeni Musavat given two months to pay off its debt to publishing company

November 15th, 2013


Yeni Musavat newspaper, which is overwhelmed by financial problems, has become indebted to the publishing company, the newspaper director Alasgar Suleymanov has told the IRFS.

According to him, Yeni Musavat owes 12,890 AZN to the publishing house and is required to pay it off within two months.

“We make monthly payments to the publishing house and were never demanded to pay the debt in full. But yesterday we were resolutely demanded to pay off the debt within two months. Gasid and Azermetbuat press distributors owe us significant sums of money and therefore we experience financial strains” said the chief editor.

Suleymanov intends to negotiate for flexible terms and payment options.