April 20th, 2009
Head of the Khachmaz Region’s Education Department of Madina Nurmammadova called “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper’s editorial office on 16 April and said she will sue the newspaper. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper employee Afgan Mukhtarli.


According to Mukhtarli, a group of teachers called the newspaper’s editorial office and informed the newspaper that they were asked to pay six AZN to take a test and 200-300 AZN (depending on the subject and the hours the teachers instruct) to pass the test. On 16 April, on the basis of this information, “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper published an article entitled “Misir Mardanov and his deputies should pass tests.”
In addition, Mukhtarli stated that when M. Nurmammadova called “Yeni Musavat” she said that the teachers were asked to pay not six but five AZN.  Nurmammadova also wanted to know the names of the people passing this information to the newspaper. She said if this information wasn’t provided, she would sue the newspaper. Nurmammadova claimed that “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper received 500 AZN for this article and she will sue the newspaper.
IRFS attempted to contact the opposite side regarding this case, however their phone calls went unanswered.