Health of arrested activist deteriorates

The health of Elvin Abdullayev, the arrested member of the Youth Committee of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, has deteriorated, reported his relatives on December 11.


Apparently his doctor has said that he requires urgent surgery. Elvin was beaten when he was first detained, causing a hernia. There is a risk of serious complications unless he is operated upon. 

Elvin Abdullayev, a student at Azerbaijan Pedagogical University and a member of the APFP, was arrested in January 2015. On June 1, he was sentenced to 6 years in jail under Article 234.4.3 (illegal drug trafficking) of the Criminal Code. Abdullayev had been active on social networks and highly critical of government policies. He was tortured after his arrest and kept without food and water for 3 days. On May 7, Abdullayev was placed in the punishment cell. His mother Zulfiya Abdullayeva said that while in the detention facility, her son was pressured to recant his political views. While at university, he had been rebuke by the deputy for criticizing the government . APFP considers Abdullayev’s arrest to be politically motivated and says it is another attempt by the government to silence critical voices.  

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