Police promises to guarantee safety for Azadliq newspaper correspondent


Elchin Ismayilli, correspondent of Azadliq newspaper in the district of Ismayilli, was summoned to the Ismayilli District Police Office on February 8th, after filing a police report for being followed and intimidated, as the journalist himself reported to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS). According to the journalist, he was received by the deputy police chief Abulfaz Badalov.

“After going public about the threats that I faced following the January 23-24 protests, I filed a complaint with the police and prosecutor’s office at the recommendation of IRFS. Today (February 8) I was summoned to the police office, to give a statement about what had happened. I also told the police that intimidation stopped since I went public about my case. The journalist also said that the deputy police chief promised to solve all the issues relating to his safety.

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